Tuesday, 15 September 2015


 My Critiquing

This term we have been practicing for the gymnastics tournament in wairoa.
We have been practicing extremely hard for this.
I really need to work on my forward’s roll and placing my hands and feet in the right position.

For this I need to place my hands in the right position because I am now having my fingertips on the ground instead of my whole hand on the ground. The reason why we have to do it properly because if we don’t it look untidy need to know the proper technic for this.
So the proper technic is to have your hands flat on the ground and push your self over with your hands helping you push your self over.
I also need to work on tucking my feet right up to my chest and rock forward. At the moment I am having my feet outwards and they go everywhere when I land.

I am good at my speed I got at because its not to fast and not to slow it’s the perfect speed.


This is Mandy.

She is training for the big press up finals in Auckland.
She has to do at least 500 press ups every practice she does.
The reason why she   is doing the press up competition is so she can get in the genius world records, also so she can prove to everyone that she can do it and get into the genius world of records.

She could hear me saying “you can do it”
Mandy was so exhausted. You could see that she was in pain as she was on her 486th press up. All you could see was sweat dripping off her head. I could see she was finding it hard because her arms were slipping apart because her hands were so sweaty.

Just a mater of 2 days she will be in Auckland for the AMAZING PRESS UP TOURNAMENT!
She was at the gym every day for those 2 days. Practicing and practicing she was so good for shore she would win the press up tournament.

The day had come!
She was so nervous as she was getting her numbers and name on her.
They removed all of the contestants from the area. They removed them so they could warm up.

5 4 3 2 1!
They are off!!!

In a mater of 6mins she was on her 46th press up.
The judges were so impressed of the speed she had.
After all she made it into the genius world of records.

 It was a massive day.

Sharon backwards roll

 Sharon backwards

What Sharon did was a backwards roll. Sharon and every body else have been practicing extremely hard for the gymnastics competition in wairoa. Sharon had to work on a backwards roll because she didn’t quite no how to do it.

What you were really good…
Sharon was really good at placing her hands by her ears because when she does that it helps her to do her backwards roll properly.
Sharon was also good at rocking back and ford to help her rotate backwards backwards rolls are not the easiest to do but she was really good at it.

What you need to work on…
Sharon needs to work on tucking her feet up to her chest because when you don’t tuck your feet up to your chest you wont be able to do it properly.
You also need to work on landing on your feet instead of your knees.


star jump


Star jumps are a perfect way to build upper arm strength also build strength in your quadriceps. They will also build strength in your biceps and triceps.

Step 1
Your are now going to have your feet together and your hands by your side.

Step 2
Now you are going to jump and your feet shoulder width apart and at the same time I want your hands up on a 90 degree. But I want your legs to be straight.

Step 3
Now your are going to jump In to the same position you were at the start. Remember keep your legs straight

That was 1star jump

Now proceed with the instructions that I gave you.

Monday, 31 August 2015

math magic

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For the last past 6 weeks we have been learning how to do fractions, decimals and also simplifying them into another fraction and ordering the fractions on a number line. Also we have got given a fraction and then we had to put it into another fraction that is the same as the first one then we put them into decimals and then in to percentages.

What I learnt

For the last month I have learnt how to order fractions on a number line in the right places. I have also learnt how to Simplify fractions into another fraction then in to a decimal then into a percentage.

What I enjoyed…

I enjoyed learning how to put the fractions on a number line. Because sometimes I didn’t know what to do but then it was fun finding out were they go on the number line. Now I know were they go because I have done it so many times.

What I need to improve on..

I need to improve on simplifying the fractions into another fraction. I always do it another and then it doesn’t come out as the right fraction. Some fractions I get given I high numbers and then its tricky to figure out what it is.

I felt that I have leant a lot of things during this month that I never new before.

By simplifying the fractions and converting them into a decimal then into a percentage Some of it was hard but figuring out was fun because then I could learn off my mistakes and see what areas of my learning I needed to works on.